Asian Business Expo
March 16, 2019

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The First Annual Asian Business EXPO was a success. Special thanks to our Sponsors, Partners, and Vendors who made this even possible. See you all next year!

Keynote Speaker John Cho

John Cho is a professor of Asian American studies at Fresno City College.
Born in San Francisco Chinatown, Cho was raised in the Central Valley
where his parents opened Cho’s Kitchen in Selma. His education
achievement includes Bachelor of Science in Geography, Bachelor of
Arts in Chemistry, and a Master of Arts in Urban Regional Planning, all
from California State University, Fresno. Before coming to Fresno City
College, he taught at Selma High School. He advises the Asian American
Club and honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, at Fresno City College.

He founded John Cho’s Kungfu School in Fresno since 1990, where he
helped train popular Hmong American Muay Thai kick boxer,
Yia “The Bull” Mua. He leads collaborative work for the Fresno City
College’s Asian Festival and Asians in the City Conference, and for the
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Fresno, Inc. Cho’s
achievement in higher education includes formalizing the curriculum to
turn the Asian American studies at Fresno City College to become an
associate degree. Teaching Asian American studies, Cho feels it is important
for everyone to be proud of their background.

In 2018, he “88 Poems by Cho: A Sojourn of Thoughts and Stories” and is the
managing editor of the Asians in the City Booklet, a publication of the Fresno
City College’s Asian American Studies program, featuring student works of
poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography. Cho is married with two